What Are The First Signs Of Hearing Loss?

Patient having ears checked

Hearing loss is a very common condition and you may well start to experience issues with your hearing at some point, particularly as you get older. 

However, there are many reasons why deafness may start to manifest and there are various treatment options available, depending on the cause, so if you are having difficulty hearing at the moment it may be advisable to seek medical advice to see what can be done.

There are certain signs you can look out for if you’re worried about your hearing and whether it’s starting to go. These include finding it difficult to keep up with conversations, asking people to repeat themselves, having to listen to music or watch TV with the volume up loud and feeling tired from having to concentrate harder while listening.

Causes of hearing loss include age, damage from loud noise (over the course of many years), earwax buildup, ear infections and perforated eardrums. If you have an infection, antibiotics may help clear it up and restore your hearing, while earwax buildup can be treated with eardrops or physically removed.

Earwax removal is appropriate for people of all ages and one of the best methods is microsuction, where a fine suction probe is inserted into the ear canal to gently and safely remove the wax. 

A high-power microscope is used to look inside the ear canal so your audiologist can see what’s going on and you should experience no pain or discomfort during the procedure.

If your hearing loss is down to something that can’t be treated medically, you may be referred for further tests and treatment. Permanent hearing loss can be mitigated by using hearing aids, which make sounds louder and clearer.


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