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Your hearing health is vital, and regular check-ups are important to see if everything is working as it should. Book your free hearing assessment today in one of our clinics and take advantage of our state-of-the-art technology and experience.

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Why should you have a hearing test?

Hearing loss can be affected by many different factors, some of these include ear wax build-up, damaged or perforated eardrums, working in noisy environments and age-related losses.

At Otec Hearing we have the technology to be able to identify any type of hearing loss and can perform tests to show you why your hearing might be deteriorating.

Once we have found the cause of your hearing loss, we can present you with tailor-made solutions to improve your quality of life.

Did you know?

Hearing aids are available in a range of different styles and technology levels, from basic to premium technology we have something to suit your lifestyle and budget

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What to expect during my hearing test appointment?

At Otec Hearing, we firmly believe your hearing health is just as important as any other health-related issue. Hearing loss can be extremely challenging, not only for you but for loved ones around you.

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What will happen during my Hearing Test?

During the Hearing Test the Hearing Specialist will:

• Explain the options available for hearing aid provision
• Take your full case history
• Carry out an examination of your ears
• Conduct an audiometry assessment, testing your hearing abilities
• Carry out a word recognition test
• Conduct an ANL test (Acceptable Noise Level) where appropriate
• Perform a Quick-SIN (Speech in Noise Test) where appropriate
• Conduct a COSI (Client Oriented Scale of Improvement) assessment
• Provide a full demonstration of any recommended hearing system

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Home Visits

If you are unable to visit any one of our clinic locations, we can offer you a home visit. This may be ideal for clients in residential care, unable to travel or even if you are juggling a busy work schedule, our highly skilled Audiologist can come to you. Please contact us to find out more about this service.

We cover the whole of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire and can deliver the same standard of care as you would expect in one of our clinics. Our easily transportable equipment ensures you will get the same quality of results and diagnoses which is why this service can be extremely popular.

Man being consulted by a Hearing Aid Specialist
Hearing Protection

Our hearing is extremely sensitive, prolonged noise exposure from every day-to-day environment can damage your inner ear hair cells, once these hair cells are damaged, they cannot be regenerated with any traditional medicines. Our range of custom hearing protection can help you take preventative measure to protect your hearing.

Yellow Ear Defenders
Examples of noise exposure

Washing machine / Dishwasher – 70Db
City Traffic – 80-85Db
Motorcycle – 90Db
Sporting Events – 100Db
Nightclubs / Bars & Concerts – 105-110Db
Standing beside or near sirens – 110Db
Fireworks – 140-150Db

Although these activities won’t affect your hearing unless you are exposed to them long term it is still ideal to protect your hearing in the best possible way.

If you work in a noisy environment and are exposed to loud sounds(+100Db) throughout your day, it is advisable and a legal requirement in some industries to protect your hearing with custom made hearing protection or protective gear provided by your employer to prevent irreversible damage.

Exposure to excessive noises can also lead to ringing in the ears (Tinnitus) which can be either temporary or permanent.

Over a period, this can also have a significant impact on your hearing health and may result in hearing loss.

Do I need hearing protection?

If you work in a noisy environment and are constantly exposed to loud noises, it is extremely important to protect your hearing from irreversible damage by using our custom hearing protection solutions.
Noisy work environments can consist of construction sites, industrial manufacturing plants, factories, engineering, jet aircrafts & musicians.

Types of hearing protection

Musician & Concerts – Constant noise exposure for musicians can sometimes make it difficult for them to make sonic adjustments during live performances. The Musicians Filtered Custom Earmolds use flat response frequency attenuators, this means that sounds heard through the filters has the same quality of the original sound but quieter.

Custom Audio monitors – Ideal for use with earphones, gaming devices or general audio devices. This is a custom-made soft silicone ear mould which fits directly on to your audio device providing the ultimate comfort and clarity with reducing the background noise at the same time.

Custom stage monitors – Providing the optimum solution for live performances and singers, the custom made hard acrylic monitors eliminate the need for the traditional wedge style monitors.

Industry – The range of the work safe solutions provide noise attenuation and comfort in work environments. Made from a high strength silicone material and using state of the art noise filters you can expect the best level of hearing protection in any environment.

Shooting – A single gunshot can cause hearing impairment. Using state of the art noise filters and electronic modules, shooting plugs reduce the loud noises without affecting the quality of speech.

Leisure – A range of hearing protecting which can help with flying, sleeping, surfing & motorbiking. Contact us with your requirements to see if we can help.

Swimming ear plugs – Swimmers of any age can experience some sensitivity to water in the ear canal. The waterproof range of custom swim plugs means you can still enjoy your activities without worrying about ear infections or other ear related problems.

Hearing Aid Fitting

With no one size fits all approach we understand how unique your hearing needs are. At Otec Hearing we give you the ability to explore a range of solutions suited to your lifestyle and budget.

Your personal hearing solution

Each individual requires a tailor-made solution, once your Audiogram has been obtained our professional Audiologist will use this and input this information into specialist software which will enable us to program your hearing aids based on your hearing loss, lifestyle & needs. With the best cutting edge hearing aid technology, you can enjoy life effortlessly.
During your appointment the hearing care professional will go through your tailored plan demonstrating insertion and removal of your hearing aid, your rechargeable system and the maintenance and cleaning of your device.
Each hearing aid has a unique fitting, weather this is a behind the ear hearing aid or an in the ear style. After taking careful measurements of your ears the Audiologist will attach the appropriately sized domes and receivers to your hearing aids. With an in the ear instrument the optimum venting size can be key to success. To get the best out of your experience with a hearing aid the insertion and removal of your device is vital, the Audiologist will demonstrate the most effective way for you to carry this out including individuals who may have dexterity issues.
After you are comfortable with the handling of the hearing aid the Audiologist will demonstrate any wireless accessories and the rechargeable system. The rechargeable system will be different between the in the ear and behind the ear models. A charge of 3 hours can get you roughly 24 hours of use from your hearing aids. Wireless accessories such as a remote control allows you to be in charge of your hearing system from the first instance.
Once your hearing aid fitting has been completed the Audiologist will discuss the lifelong aftercare we offer at Otec Hearing. This includes unlimited appointments and wax removal discounts. As with most new things in our life things can be daunting at first, at Otec Hearing we are here with you every step of the way, from your first initial appointment to your hearing aid fitting we will always be here for you.

Preventing Hearing Loss

Preventing Hearing Loss

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