Otec Hearing offer a clear hearing service with sound advice

 As independent audiologists & hearing aid specialists, we understand that customer care is fundamental to a successful audiology service.

All Hearing Aids come with a 2 week trial for peace of mind

3 steps to better hearing

It's free & we come to you

All of our hearing tests are conducted in the comfort of your own home, ideal if booking for elderly relatives

Let's work together

We listen to your daily requirements and then use our expert knowledge so we can come up with the best solution together

It's why we are recommended

Finding a solution can just be the start of the journey, As part of our aftercare we will
be with you every step of the way

We offer a Free 2 week Hearing aid trial, So if it doesn't feel right or would like to try another then feel free

Our focus is providing excellent hearing for everyone

Having hearing loss can be a very sensitive issue and because of this we treat every customer with care and understanding. We pay particular attention to individual hearing needs, offering a professional and friendly service

 The majority of our customers come to us by recommendation, reinforcing our commitment to customer care. We  are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council

Strong, reliable Hearing Aid aftercare

Hearing aids are a long-term investment with life-changing potential. We take this responsibility very seriously, ensuring we have the knowledge and experience for you to obtain the maximum benefit from your hearing aids.

They are sophisticated instruments. The quality and reliability of modern hearing aids is excellent, but it is important to remember that they can go wrong from time to time. Also, your hearing may change over time which will mean that your hearing aids will need to be changed accordingly.


We normally recommend a full reassessment every two years. Just as our eyesight changes over time, so can our hearing. We will retest your hearing and re-tune or reprogram the hearing aid if required.

We are available at any stage if you have a problem or need advice, all as part of our aftercare service. The hearing aids are just the beginning. The fitting, fine-tuning and ongoing support is where we deliver outstanding benefits.