Blocked Ears: What Are The Common Causes Earwax Build-up?

Man About To Clean His Ears Using Q-tip Cotton Swab. Hygiene Ess

Some people suffer from regular build-ups of earwax, which can result in not being able to hear as clearly as they otherwise would. 

Although this can be easily rectified by booking an appointment for microsuction earwax removal, those who suffer might be interested to find out why their ears regularly become blocked in the first place. 

There are many reasons why your body might produce earwax faster than it can remove it or block more easily than others. Here are just a few:


Narrow ear canal

Some people are born with narrow ear canals, which is the tube that goes between the opening of the ear and the eardrum. 

Alternatively, they might have too much hair in their ear canals, which means it is prone to blocking. 



Some injuries result in the body producing too much earwax that it cannot get rid of, or they might cause narrowing of the ear canal.

For the former, it is difficult to clear the earwax at a fast enough rate, while the latter means it is easier for the canal to block. 



Eczema around the scalp or ear often also impacts ear blockages, causing wax to build-up more quickly. 



People with otitis externa, otherwise known as ‘swimmer’s ear’, also suffer from earwax blockages, as it causes inflammation of the external ear canal. 

It occurs due to repeated exposure to water, which is how it got its nickname. Regularly getting water in the ear can cause people to scratch, while the moisture makes for good conditions for bacterial growth. 


Putting things in the ear

Another cause of earwax build-up is frequently putting things in the ear, such as ear plugs or cotton buds. This pushes the wax further into the ear canal, making it harder to escape and blocking up the area.