Hearing Aid Prices

At Otec hearing we have created packages to suit you

We believe in putting each one of our customers first as not all our customers want or need the same level of care.

Hearing Aids

Why buy from Otec hearing

At Otec hearing we offer the highest level of care at an outstanding price. Our hearing aid packages combine the highest level of care at no extra cost. This package includes the following:

The hearing aids

A full diagnostic hearing assessment

3 Year guarantee on the hearing aids

Annual services for your hearing aids

1 year’s batteries

1 years Wax guards

Replacement receivers and domes

Replacement earmolds

1 Microsuction wax removal appointment each year for 3 years

Home visits

Didn’t buy from us?

If you purchased your hearing aid from elsewhere and would like us to test and fit it for you, we are more than happy to do so. This will include the following:

Comprehensive Hearing assessment

Two Follow Up Appointments inclusive of fine tuning

Any other visits will be charged at £80 per visit. We also have a pricing structure for typical ongoing needs, they are as follows:

Hearing Aid Re-tubing: £10

New Receivers: £75 per Receiver

Hearing Aid Repairs: £140

Replacement Ear Mould: £65

Home visit £90 call out fee

Microsuction ear wax removal £50 for 1 ear £75 for both

Bronze level of hearing technology

Silver level of hearing technology

Gold level of hearing technology

Platinum level of hearing technology