Hearing Aid Maintenance

Hearing aid in case

Looking after your Hearing Aids after having them fitted is extremely important, as keeping your hearing aid in good working order will minimize the potential problems you may have in the future. There are some simple things you can implement into your life to minimise the potential for any cropping up at some point.

Although it sounds pretty straight-forward, it needs to be mentioned. Hearing aids are not waterproof so make sure you do not shower or carry out any water sports with any hearing aids in. This tip is fairly obvious but understand that a hearing aid can very quickly become something you forget about when you’re using it throughout the day. We recommend you be cautious when just starting with a hearing aid and remember to take them out when necessary. It’s also advisable not to leave your aids in the bathroom, as any condensation can damage the electricals in the aids.

Using a drying kit for your hearing aids is a good way to keep them free from moisture. Custom-made aids usually cause the most condensation as they are fitted to the contour of your ear. Using a special drying kit will keep the aids in good working order.

It’s not just water that can harm a hearing aid, however. Body care products such as hairspray can block the microphone ports, so it’s advisable to remove your hearing aids before using any products such as this. When not in use, it’s also recommended that hearing aids are put in a carrying case to prevent any potential damage from happening to them.

At Otec Hearing as part of your lifetime aftercare, we offer a routine 6 monthly service call appointment. This is to protect your hearing aids from dirt or greasy hands, which is important, as the small microphone ports can become blocked through them being mishandled.