Types & Causes of Hearing Loss

Man having his hearing tested

Hearing loss is a common problem and affects the ability partially or totally for an individual to hear. It can affect any age group from children to adults.

There are two types of hearing loss, these can be identified as conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss. A conductive hearing loss usually occurs when there is a blockage or a defect in the middle ear, this can be caused by excessive ear wax build-up, damaged eardrums, middle ear infections, fluid behind the eardrum, and the rigidity of the 3 ossicular bones in the middle ear. Conductive hearing losses are usually treated by a physician or ENT consultant and often have a high success rate. Hearing aids can be very successful if the hearing loss is unable to be treated medically.

A sensorineural hearing loss occurs when there is damage to the inner hair cells in the Cochlea, this causes impairment to the transmission of sound to the brain resulting in hearing loss. The main cause of this hearing loss is the natural aging process. Noise exposure can also damage the inner hair cells, genetic factors can also affect sensorineural loss. There is no medication or surgery available to regenerate the inner hair cells and the only treatment for this type of hearing loss is a hearing instrument. At Otec Hearing, we provide hearing tests and can recommend the correct hearing aid to suit your needs should you need one.

Hearing loss can be caused by many different factors, some of which we have no control over, this includes ear infections, excessive ear wax build-up or head injuries. However, factors such as excessive noise exposure may cause hearing loss, which is something that we can control.

So, in conclusion, hearing loss is something that happens to us all, and in some instances, we can’t do a whole lot about it. However, where we can, we should ensure that we protect and take care of our ears as they are extremely precious. For more information on hearing loss, feel free to get in contact with us by dropping an email, or giving us a call on 01522 305400.