In the Ear Hearing Aids

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In this blog, we are resuming our series on the different types of hearing aids. We’ve covered many of the popular options, including some such as ‘Invisible in the Ear Canal’ (IIC), ‘Completely in the Canal’ (CIC), and ‘In the Canal’ (ITC) hearing aids. Within this article, we reference these hearing aids and compare them against one another. If you haven’t already, we recommend you read through our blogs on these before continuing this one.

We will be covering ‘In the Ear’ (ITE) hearing aids in this instalment and highlighting the pros and cons of this particular type of aid.

ITE hearing aids are the largest type of custom-made aid and cover the full external ear. Much like IIC, CIC, and ITC hearing aids, ear impressions are required for this type to fit the ear of the user. ITE aids use a size 13 battery, typically the lifespan of this battery can last up to 14 days.

What’s great about an ITE aid is that it can cover profound hearing losses, making these the most powerful custom-made aid available. They are also best suited for someone who has dexterity issues as the insertion and removal is extremely easy. The dual microphones of the In the Ear hearing aid can make an understanding of speech in a noisy environment easier for someone suffering from hearing loss. Much like the ITC aids, ITE’s are completely wireless and can be connected with smartphones and wireless accessories, which is very beneficial to some.

Like any hearing aid, there are some disadvantages. The ITE shares similar drawbacks to the ITC. One example of this is that this hearing aid is larger and more exposed. The bigger size can put off those who are wanting their hearing aid to be hidden. On top of this, if the canal of the user changes shape, the aid may have to be re-shelled to fit your ear once again.

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