Looking to book a free hearing test for yourself or perhaps a loved one?

Here at Otec, we provide exceptional care and support throughout the booking and fitting service. Rest assured, your hearing is in safe hands.
Hearing tests are free and conducted in the comfort of your own home

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Our aim is to make it as easy as possible to provide advice on hearing loss solutions that are right for you or a loved one.

Our Hearing Specialists are highly trained professionals that work discreetly and sympathetically to your situation. They will recommend the best hearing aid, using the latest computerised equipment. During the hearing assessment, our specialist will carefully walk you through each process, step by step.

The hearing test is simple and safe, and standard we offer a comprehensive hearing aftercare service.

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We offer a 2 for 1 hearing test that enables you to book a home assessment for you and one other at the same time.
We have found this process to be beneficial for many people in delicate situations.

Hearing Test FAQ

Where do I have my hearing test?

We conduct all hearing tests in the comfort of your own home on a date and time that is convenient, usually within a week.

Who carries out my hearing test?

One of our highly trained, registered Hearing Specialists. They will show you identification on arrival.

What will happen during my hearing test?

During the hearing test the Hearing Specialist will:

  • Explain the options available for hearing aid provision
  • Take your full case history
  • Carry out an examination of your ears
  • Conduct an audiometry assessment, testing your hearing abilities
  • Carry out a word recognition test
  • Conduct an ANL test (Acceptable Noise Level) where appropriate
  • Perform a Quick-SIN (Speech In Noise Test) where appropriate
  • Conduct a COSI (Client Oriented Scale of Improvement) assessment
  • Provide a full demonstration of any recommended hearing system
How much does a hearing test cost?

Free Hearing Tests at OTEC are free of charge with no-obligation.

How long will the hearing test last?

The hearing test appointment will take approximately 1 hour, but might require more time depending on the questions you may have for the Hearing Specialist.

What will happen at the end of the hearing test?

After the Hearing Specialist has carried out the hearing assessment, they will give you a full explanation of the results, ensuring you fully understand the nature of your hearing difficulties. They will then advise your options and offer a tailored hearing solution based on your individual hearing difficulties.

I think wax is affecting my hearing, do I need a hearing test?

Wax can cause dulled hearing (it can block sounds going through the ear canal to the inner ear), so if you suspect wax is affecting your hearing, the best advice is to get it checked out. We check the health of your ears and provide micro suction wax removal to remove any blockage to restore your hearing. If normal levels of wax are present we can then test your hearing to find out what, if anything, is affecting your ability to hear well.

How do I book a Free Hearing Test in Lincoln or Huddersfield?

You can book a free appointment online or call us on 01522 305400 where one of our friendly team will take you through the booking process.

Understanding the Ear

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