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Finding a solution can just be the start of the journey.As part of our aftercare we will be with you every step of they way

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“They were a revelation. The sound was so different and amazing it took a short while to get used to them. By the time the hearing specialist left I had a new hearing experience. They have grown on me more and more.  I am so delighted I contacted the company. Their aftercare has also been superb. Thank you.”

Barry Goodman / Hearing aids Lincoln

“Fantastic same day at home service from audiologist Sommiya. Really put me at my ease and solved my impacted ear wax issue using microsuction. I can now hear! Very happy with outcome and will definitely recommend. Thank you so much. I will be coming to you on a regular basis from now on.”

Lisa / Hearing aids Lincoln

“I would definitely recommend OTEC to anyone if they believe their hearing may be affected. I received excellent service and I will even be trying to persuade my husband to have a hearing test soon!”

Sally Chad / Hearing aids Doncaster

“I chose OTEC for my hearing test as I wanted an at home appointment as I have trouble driving and leaving the house. I was seen within a week, and the hearing specialist was very helpful, explaining in detail every part of the test. I was recommended a hearing aid and have been extremely happy with it ever since. I would highly recommend.”

Wendy Hawks / Hearing aids Sheffield

Audiologist & hearing aid specialist in Lincolnshire
& West Yorkshire

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